How to Get Dog to Take Pepto Bismol

4 Ways to Treat Diarrhea and Constipation in Dogs and Cats
4 Ways to Treat Diarrhea and Constipation in Dogs and Cats, image source:

get a professional answer via email text message or notification as you wait on our site ask follow up questions if you need to satisfaction guarantee rate the answer you receive how can i my dog to the pepto bismol down my vet told me to give him some for his poops and i take some of his favorite dog food generally the advised dosage is 0 5 1ml of pepto bismol per pound of weight it should be administered every 6 8 hours if you re using the tablets that is equal to ¼ tablet per 20 pounds of weight every 6 8 hours the medication will help relieve your dog s diarrhea but even if your pet seems to be fine it is a good idea to take him to see a vet as soon as possible this is especially important if the symptoms persist or return when you stop giving your dog pepto bismol dogs should only take pepto under the guidance of a veterinarian the veterinarian formulation of pepto is called “ corrective supsension “ warning pepto bismol should not be given to cats as it can be toxic pepto bismol may cause constipation pepto bismol may temporarily cause a dog’s stools to appear black how to families to respond to you pepto bismol for dogs hype or helpful if your dog can t take pepto bismol .

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pepto bismol bismuth subsalicylate is used to treat several stomach conditions including diarrhea gas heartburn acid reflux gerd nausea and stomach dis fort great price on pepto bismol liquid suspension 240ml free delivery options available trusted service convenient and safe shopping online these home reme s for dog diarrhea not only can help your dog back to normal but are easy and simple to do dehydration is what kills the dog you must fluids and electrolytes into their system you will have to it in with a syringe dump it in with a teaspoon parvo in dogs and puppies can be worrisome here are 11 home reme s to get rid of parvo parvo treatments that you can reply upon .

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